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About the program

The goal of the IT for SHE program is to help talented women studying IT with entering the job market. It includes: Europe’s biggest themed camp for young women in IT – Women in Tech Camp, a mentoring program at the best technology companies and a volunteering campaign in small towns, encouraging children to learn programming.

In November 2019 will be organized - the largest event for women in technologies in this part of the world - Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit.

AWARD 2017

Do you want to develop? Would you like to learn about new tools, technologies, or maybe to find out what really happens in the global tech companies? Or maybe you need support in planning your career path or developing your leadership potential? There is no There is no better and more effective method for development than individual work with a Master-Mentor. Mentoring is a partner relationship focused in finding and developing the mentee’s potential.

As the IT for SHE program we would like to invite you to apply to one of the 46 special Mentors from the best technology companies. Make a wise choice and justify it.

Join us!

Mentor + Mentee = IT
Mentor + Mentee = IT


Edyta Kołodziejczak

Application Development Specialist / Accenture

  • Bazy danych Oracle
  • Kreatywne myślenie
  • Początki pracy w IT
Agnieszka Gąsecka

Management Consultant / Accenture

  • Zarządzanie zmianą
  • Komunikacja i współpraca międzykulturowa
  • Design Thinking i Agile
Anna Kaniewska

Industry X.0 Management Consulting / Accenture

  • Digital HSE solutions
  • Sustainability & Carbon Competitiveness
  • Building collaborative environments for people to thrive, mentoring, coaching
Robert Machejek

Application Development Manager / Accenture

  • IT Project Management
  • Rozwój zespołu
  • Leadership

Ewa Merklinger-Sawicka


  • High quality project management
  • professional team coaching and management
  • Security and Cybersecurity
Łukasz Broda

Advanced App Engineering Specialist / Accenture

  • UX / HX
  • Praca z ludźmi
  • Rozwój osobisty
Aleksandra Dziedzicka

Operational Product Owner / Ericsson

  • Agile / Scrum
  • Zarządzanie projektami
  • Efektywna komunikacja
Justyna Grzelak

Developer / Ericsson

  • Zarządzanie zespołem, projektem; Scrum
  • Planowanie ścieżki kariery i aktywności zawodowych
  • Komunikacja, prezentacje i przemówienia publiczne

Maja Hawliczek

Head of Solution & Service Line Digital Business Solutions Poland / Ericsson

  • Rozwój zawodowy/Ścieżka kariery
  • Maksymalizacja potencjału
  • Równowaga: praca vs życie prywatne
Przemysław Łopuszyński

Software Developer / Ericsson

  • programowanie systemowe ( C, C++)
  • testowanie oprogramowania
  • troubleshooting
Radosław Kubiak

Kierownik działu / Ericsson

Paweł Dziurewicz

Software Engineering Manager / Intel

  • Software engineering and management
  • Presentation skills
  • Open source projects

Małgorzata Dziurewicz

Software Validation Test Engine / Intel

  • Business process management
  • Software Enginieering
  • Software Validation
Piotr Dorożyński

Software Engineer / Intel

  • Software craftsmanship
  • Agile
Marta Chmiel

SoC Design Engineer / Intel

  • Hardware design
  • Agile/Scrum
  • Soft skill development
Artem Fedko

Director Software Engineering / Intel

  • Zarządzanie zespołem
  • Planowanie zadań
  • Motywacja zespołowa

Frydrych Agata

Head of Risk & Control for Distributed Systems / Citi

  • IT Systems compliance and management
  • Analytical thinking
  • Cooperation in global environment and diverse teams
Kinga Karaś

Middleware Infrastructure Sr. Technology Analyst / Citi

  • Efektywna organizacja projektów w IT
  • Analiza Danych, Networking – jak buować i używać swoją sieć kontaktów
  • Równowaga: Praca VS życie prywatne
Weronika Filonov

Middleware Infrastructure Sr. Technology Analyst / Citi

  • Analiza danych w chmurze
  • Projektowanie i Automatyzacja Procesów
  • Rozwój zawodowy poza strefą komfortu

in Tech Camp

The cream of the crop – 150 female students from Polish technical universities – will participate in the second edition of Europe’s biggest themed camp for women in IT. For them it will be a unique opportunity to study the secrets of advanced programming, to meet extraordinary mentors and to plan their professional careers and personal development paths in the tech industry. They will also create a network to inspire and support each other, which will become the base for the movement of notable women in IT.

We invite young women who want to create the future of new technologies to apply to the Women in Tech Camp.

Participation in the camp is free!



IT for SHE is a volunteering program which will send active young women studying IT to small towns in summer, to teach programming and tech knowledge at schools. Its goal is to increase interest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) area among children, to promote women in the role of technology experts and to activate their social potential.

Together we inspire love for new technologies!


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